Sweetkick RU Reviews: The user interface of the Sweetkick RU website isn’t very impressive. Their content quality is a dismal 79% and their trust score is 58.3 percent. The arbitration agreement is also unreliable, with 79% of the articles being plagiarized. Then again, what’s the point of using the site if you can’t get a refund? Is this website really worth the money?

Sweetkick RU website’s user interface is not impressive

Despite the sweet sounding name, Sweetkick RU is a surprisingly ineffective website. The domain name, sweetkick.ru, will cease to operate in 2022, and the website’s security features don’t provide much confidence. The website has a low trust score (58.3 percent), and the information provided on its About Us page is not credible or accurate. In addition, the website contains 63% duplicate content.

The Sweetkick RU website’s user-interface is unimpressive, with no Alexa rank and separate pages for terms and policies. The company, which claims to be an experienced online store, offers a range of popular brands at affordable prices. Though the website does not have a physical store, it does accept many popular payment methods, including credit card and PayPal. If you decide to buy something, you should have it shipped within seven to 15 days.

Sweetkick RU website’s trust score is 58.3 percent

The website is secure and uses HTTPS protocol to keep users’ information secure. However, the site does not have many followers on social media and lacks any reviews. It is also worth noting that the site’s domain name is scheduled to expire in 2022. Additionally, it is difficult to determine whether the website is legitimate, given its low trust score of 58.3 percent.

Sweetkick RU website’s content quality is plagiarized by 79%

The Sweetkick RU reviews website is a scam with a low trust score of 58.3 percent. We’re not sure why this score is so low, but we’ve also seen several negative Sweetkick reviews on other sites. In addition, we didn’t find any contact details for the company, nor did we see a verified address for the website. The only social media profiles we did find were Instagram and Facebook accounts for the website.

Sweetkick RU’s e-store site claims to offer shoes and sports footwear from top brands. Founded in 2021, it was created in a bid to make online retailing affordable and reliable. In fact, it offers free shipping to international locations. However, we found that 79% of the website’s content was plagiarized. The company claims to provide refunds within 24 hours.

Sweetkick RU website’s arbitration agreement

This article explains the terms of the Sweetkick RU website’s arbitration agreements. Sweetkick owns the technology and all content on the Site, including any collective work rights or trademarks. This means that any dispute arising from use of the Site or its products and services is subject to arbitration. The Court of Appeal sided with the trial court and held that the arbitration agreement contained a high degree of substantive unconscionability.

Question and Answer Regarding Sweetkick RU Reviews

Q1 – Is Sweetkick RU really legit?

Ans- Sweetkick RU is not trusted in some cases, according to many sources.

Q2 – Can we believe on Sweetkick RU?

Ans – It lacks trust, social media presence, and customer feedback so you can’t.

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